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The Original Precision Vacuum Planter

Each planter leaves our factory fully calibrated with more than 50 years of engineering expertise and over 30 years of North American research and development in every component of every row unit, down to the nuts and bolts. Our track record speaks to the Engineering Advantage of owning a Monosem® planter:

• First North American Precision Vacuum Planter
• First Twin-Row Planter • First Seed Stagger for Twin-Row
• First Mini-Seed Vacuum Planter
• 2007 & 2010 World Record Soybean Harvests
From a Monosem® Twin-Row Planter

The versatility of the Monosem® vacuum meter is demonstrated in its ability to consistently meter many different seed types.

This Multi-Crop option provides adaptability to market trends that single crop planters don't allow.

A Monosem® owner can plant row crops such as corn, soybeans, milo and cotton with accurate precision - then also use the same planter for specialty crops such as sugarbeets, peanuts, sweet corn, edible beans, etc.

All Monosem® planters are Custom Built-to-Order to the specifications of each operation, for tillage style,
inputs, row spacing and row types including Single, Twin-Row and Ultra Narrow Row.

Here are just a few examples of
Monosem® Custom-Built Planters:

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Twin-Row New Options Link
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Monosem 6 Row Mounted Precision Planter

6-Row Mounted Planter with dry fertilizer granular applicator used for planting various field crops, Washington State

Monosem 12 Row Twin-Row Mounted Stacker Precision Planter NG+4

12x2 Twin-Row Stacker with Sync-Row® planting Peanuts, Georgia

Monosem 12 Row Twin-Row Mounted Stacker Precision Planter with Bulk-fill Central Seed System NG+4

12x2 Twin-Row Stacker with MONOSHOX® & Sync-Row® planting Corn into cover crop, Nebraska

Monosem 24 Row Econofold Pull-type Precision Planter with Monoshox®  for Sugarbeets NG+4

24-Row 22" Single Row Centerflex Pull-Type for Sugarbeets also Corn & Beans, Minnesota & North Dakota

Monosem 24 Row Twin-Row Narrow Transport Precision Planter with Monoshox®, flotation tires, tracks, liquid fertilizer NG+4

24x2 Twin-Row 30" Rows for Corn & Soybeans in Midwest, Narrow Transport Pull-Type with Central Seed System - Optional tracks and liquid fertilizer